Sadisten Omar Bakri


”Two blasts near the Iranian embassy in Beirut killed at least 23 people, injuring 146 and causing havoc and a massive fire in the Lebanese capital. Six buildings were reportedly destroyed in the embassy compound.”

”Injured people and destroyed buildings were seen on very disturbing pictures circulated by Lebanese media in the immediate aftermath.”

Beirut bombing: Twin attacks target Iranien embassy

Detta sade den smutsiga, efterblivna Salafi-sheikhen Omar Bakri om terroristerna som utförde dådet:

Omar Bakri: Using the method of blowing oneself up for the sake of Allah is acceptable, so long as the target is legitimate. This is not about blowing oneself up. All groups, even non-Sunni ones, use [suicide] bombings.

With regard to the two young men [who committed the Beirut suicide attacks], I pray that Allah will accept them as martyrs and absolve their sins, and that He will also accept as martyrs those who were killed there by mistake. People who want to ban martyrdom operations are trying to alter the religion of Allah.

En hund har mer mänsklighet i sig än honom. Allah förbannar detta sadistiska kräket för varje andetag han tar.